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code of values

We are building a no limitations community by:


  • educating ourselves on abilities, different diagnoses, ADA law, and local resources.

  • accepting each person as he or she is, not as we want him or her to be.

  • respecting all people and treating them as they want to be treated (the platinum rule).

  • assisting others whenever possible.

  • befriending people outside of our comfort circle.

  • appreciating others and what they have to offer the community.

  • encouraging others to live a No Limitations life.

About Us

No Limitations was established in July 2014 for the betterment of the lives of those in Central Texas who live with developmental and/or physical challenges and their families. We seek to give these individuals the opportunity to participate in social activities, including team sports, while giving their families the pleasure of sharing in their joy, accomplishments, and growth.


No Limitations develops and presents programs in which individuals participate in an environment structured to each individual’s abilities.


When a member of the special needs community succeeds, the community, as a whole, succeeds. Assisting these citizens in becoming more independent will help them enjoy a more fulfilling life as they grow into productive members of society.

our programs

Flag Football & Cheer

In January & February indoors at D1





Girl scouts

Year round

Annual Golf Tournament

Our annual golf tournament, our biggest fundraiser, is held in the fall each year. In 2021 we had to add a second flight because there was so much interest in participation! It is always a fun day with good golf, great food, amazing auction items, and lots of smiles. We love seeing the community come together to ensure the continuation of free, adaptive sports-and community- for all.

Sensory Friendly Holidays

Easter, Halloween, & Christmas. Events that are sensory friendly.


meaning of our logo

The International Symbol of Access (ISA), also known as the (International) Wheelchair Symbol, known worldwide as the universal symbol for accessibility, originally consisted of a blue square overlaid in white with a stylized image of a person in a wheelchair.


That symbol was the result of a 1968 competition won by Danish student Susanne Koefoed. The original featured a headless, inactive body in a wheelchair with arms extended outward. The symbol was eventually updated with a head added to the body, and designated an international symbol of disability by the United Nations in 1974. The Accessible Icon project began working to change that in 2010. They proposed a new design picturing an individual in a wheelchair with their head tilted forward, indicating their mobility and that they are in control of where they are going. The new design also pictures the individual with their arms back, once again indicating that they are dynamic and in control of their own mobility.


We took the international symbol and had it adapted to better show those we serve. Then we added a heartbeat line (with symbols of our sports included) to show we are committed to inclusion in sports, as well as in our entire community, with every beat of our hearts.

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