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Disabled Athletes Playing Basketball
Disabled Athletes Playing Basketball





There are no limitations to what can be accomplished when we work together, when we love, serve, and learn from the special needs community, and when we offer them respect, acceptance, friendship, and encouragement.


When you make things accessible for some, you create space for everyone

When a member of the special needs community succeeds, the community, as a whole, succeeds. Assisting these citizens in becoming more independent will help them enjoy a more fulfilling life as they grow into productive members of society.

our mission

We are committed to growing a fully inclusive, fully accessible community for special needs families and those who love them through team sports and social activities that bring recognition to the fact that there are no limitations to what can be accomplished when we love, serve and learn from them while offering knowledge respect, acceptance, assistance, friendship, appreciation, and encouragement.


Events with No Limitations

Get Involved

All of our programs are offered free of charge thanks to our many generous individual, civic, and corporate volunteers and supporters.

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